House Rules


The Movies and Clone Wars TV Series on Cartoon Network will be considered Canon unless it interferes with the continuation of the story.

As of the start of the game, the following canon will differ from the movies:

  1. Midi-chlorians do not exist
  2. Han Shot First

Dice Pools

Player Characters are encouraged to help narrate and interpret any Dice Pool Rolls. The GM has final say on acceptance of the PC’s interpretation. If the interpretation and narration are good, and helps move the story along, it will invariably be excepted

Jedi/Force Users

Any player that wishes to Jedi/Force Users at the start of play should contact the GM and have a reason why the character survived the purge.

Any use of a Force Power has a percentage chance of increasing or introducing a new obligation for the Player Character. It is hard times and bounties still exist for force users.

Additional House Rules

As needed this section will be updated with additional house rules.

House Rules

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